The Importance of Good Lighting in Your Home

A well-balanced lighting plan will bring a room to life. Lighting always plays a major part in any interior space. When decorating, people usually focus on furniture, carpentry and walls, but lights almost come as an afterthought. Here are useful tips which every home owner should know.

Natural lighting is crucial, it is important to choose a home with large windows and lots of natural light. If that is not an option, there are certain ways which could improve it. Decorate using a mirror effect; the more shiny surfaces you can add to your rooms, the lighter they will appear. You can paint your dark rooms with neutral colours; like mushroom, grey and white to improve light. Window curtains and window treatments can also reduce the natural light in your room so it might be a great idea to remove them if they are not necessary.















Match your lighting with your furniture’s style. If you like a traditional look, you should try seraching for antique lamps. Antique lights are good for all types of apartments; basic and fancy, vintage and cosy. Modern furniture usually goes well with ornate lamps and wall sconces.

To create a nice atmosphere and to reduce electricity consumption, try using candles whenever you can: in the dining room during dinners, in the bedroom while getting ready for bed, in the living room while playing games, drinking wine or watching movies.












Light can be used to draw attention to interesting details and away from less attractive areas. LED lights can look cool and modern. What’s nice about LED strips is that they’re thin and flexible, so you can put them in places where traditional bulbs can’t go, like under cabinets and in drawers. They are also very functional; they can cast a little light on what’s going on in the back of the fridge or under the bed.


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