6 great space-saving bedroom tips

De-clutter, maximize on space and make the most of your bedroom.

A lot of us struggle with keeping our bedrooms tidy, but a poor use of space could be making the job even worse.

Here are 6 great space-saving tips to help you de-clutter and get the most from your available floor space.

1.       Underbed storage

Beds take up a lot of floor space.

They may be the centrepiece of the room, but unless you utilise the empty space underneath them, they can be extremely wasteful.

Underbed storage is ideal for the rarely-used and less important things (like bed linen and out-of-season clothes) and helps you keep your chest of drawers and wardrobe free for storing the essential, everyday things.

They’re also particularly good at keeping kids’ bedrooms clutter free – perfect for storing toys when they’re not in use.

2.       Shelves

Are you making full use of your bedside table?

If you only tend to keep a few things by the bed, why not get rid of the bedside table altogether and keep your bedtime reading, your glasses and alarm clock on a bedside shelf instead?

They’re particularly effective in more modern and contemporary bedroom designs, where simple lines and open floor space combine to create a no-fuss, ‘minimal’ look.

3.       Choose an appropriate wardrobe

Like beds, wardrobes also take up a significant amount of bedroom space – but they’re designed to maximise on storage space, so don’t think of them as ‘wasted space’.

Wardrobes are extremely versatile, and they’re available in a variety of different configurations.

Think about choosing a wardrobe with a handy set of drawers at the base, or one with enough room at the top for storing boxes.

In short, pick a wardrobe that offers maximum storage potential and takes up the minimum amount of floor space.

4.       Do you need so many clothes?

Wardrobes have a habit of getting very full, very quickly. So have a clear out and make some extra space.

Here’s a great little trick for eliminating some of the lesser worn items of clothing from your collection:

Hang your clothes in the wardrobe with the hangers facing the wrong way, and when you wear something, put it back with the hanger facing the right way.

After a while, you’ll be able to identify which clothes you do wear, and which clothes don’t, just by looking at the hangers.

5.       Space-saving hangers

But getting rid of those old or never-worn clothes is just the beginning. You can free up even more room by investing in space-saving hangers

Fabric shelf hangers are a great (and cost-effective) addition to a bedroom that lacks drawer space, and their many compartments are perfect for organising and storing tops and jumpers.

6.       Don’t keep everything in the bedroom

Need and practicality are at the heart of all successful bedroom designs, so think about the empty spaces in the rest of the house and consider moving things to more appropriate locations.

Do you really need to keep a computer work station or television in the bedroom? They take up a lot of space (even when they’re hidden from view) and some sleep therapists have suggested that their presence may increase your chances of suffering a disturbed or poor night’s sleep.

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